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Welcome to Casey's Lawn Equipment!

We have been serving the Dallas area for over 20 years with sales, service and parts for your lawn and garden equipment.

Our service department may not be the biggest in Dallas... but our loyal customers tell us we're the best!   Our experienced Technicians know how to get your mower, weedeater, power washer and more to run the way it used to... back how you remember it...  when it was new!  Easy to start, ran so smooth... what are you waiting for?  Bring your equipment in today, and let us work our magic!

When you buy equipment from us it's is not given to you in a box, it's assembled and we put the oil and gas in and show you how to operate the equipment, we want you to leave happy - that's the Caseys commitment to you. If you need oil, blades, chains, wheels, spark plugs, belts we have this in stock at all times and if you need help with the correct part for your equipment we are here to help.

call now: (214) 503-0191